Modern Day Cops and Robbers

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Play: Here (I recommend Joy2Key to play it and 3 controllers with at least a D-Pad and one button so that you can maximize fun.)
Created in: Scratch 2.0
Created by: Reynaldo Vargas
Date Created: July 2014
For: Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance Atelier/Workspace Exhibition @ NLE’s Sugar Hill Art Show

The game is a 3- player “last player standing” game where you can play as one of three different characters: the Yellow player, who is supposed to symbolize a regular citizen; the Red player, who is supposed to symbolize a drug dealer or someone who is participating in some sort of subeconomic exchange that the state feels is legally wrong; and the Blue player who is the policing state that has been put in the space of a low economic neighborhood to police misuse of the economic system. Each player has a Quota meter on the bottom that they must fulfill by collecting green dots (money). Each player also has a certain special move: Yellow player can dash and if their Quota meter hits maximum, they become a Red player for a while; Red players can shoot; Blue players can also shoot but if they shoot a Yellow Player they lose points. Modern Day Cops and Robbers started off as a reflection piece that explored the disparate conditions created by the powers that mold, police and form in a lower income neighborhood. I wanted to make it essentially unbalanced because I felt that there is a very real difference in how certain people see different economies. Usually the game pace goes in a pattern of: Yellow and Blue Player team up because they’re both being denied by the Red player, and then once the Yellow player becomes a Red Player for the first time, the Yellow and Red player form an alliance against the Blue player. It’s a little broken at the moment (one player always dies and then the last two usually can continue to play and keep their bar up), and I might be fine with it as it is an art piece that is supposed to symbolize that even though these three powers in the neighborhood are butting heads, they’re only butting heads because there isn’t enough cash flowing in to keep all of them alive.